Snow days.

Coming home from our Christmas ski vacation to a snow storm with talk about school being closed for two days was just what we needed to recover and regroup...

 We had about 2 inches on the ground as we drove home Saturday. By Sunday morning as we woke we had about 5 inches on the ground with no signs of the snowfall letting up. I told the kids to bundle up and get outside as the weather was forecasted to take a turn to bitter cold temperatures and we would have to stay in probably for the remainder of the week.
 With pulled pork cooking in the crockpot for dinner we stayed out all afternoon until the sun went down enjoying every last bit of that snow day...
Sledding down the back hill, building a snow man, getting buried in the snow, eating snow over and over again, snowball fights and little peep holes made.

 The kids worked up quite an appetite and I sent them to bed Sunday night with plans to wake to French Toast Casserole. (recipe here)

 We bundled up and stayed cozy warm all jammie day long Monday. By nightfall we had a long game of Monopoly going with the big mister reminding me as I tucked him in that night, "I'll see you at 9 to play our game of monopoly!"
{our oldest making sure to keep the driveway nice and clear for hubs}

Today, it's another snow day. I have two waiting on me to take my turn in Monopoly. Our oldest sleeping in waaay late, and our middle son playing a FIFA 14 tournament.
Girlie has made a detailed list of things to do with this day that includes all sorts of crafting mixed in with a little bit of tidying. ;)



  1. Looks like you all made the best of the snow and the cold. I made pulled pork too while I was off yesterday...brrr! The kids are still home today. It's going to be interesting to get back into a routine. I might just have to make that french toast this weekend. Love your cozy home as always :)

    1. As of today, we've been cooped up about a day too long. Hoping for the temps to warm up this afternoon so we can head back outside. ;)) I am ready ready for routine. Hope you (or Rondell) make the french toast...you won't be disappointed!!



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