10 on 10 :: January 2014

 It's the tenth...time for 10 photos over 10 hours today documenting the beauty.

We've been on an extended Christmas vacation as the kids have been out on (4! counting today, 5) snow days.
I could hibernate like this all winter but it looks like today is our last day home together as it's suppose to warm up this weekend.

Today I was up with a start; our firstborn was rescheduled to take his driving exam today.
(I've been filled with all kinds of emotions and truthfully yesterday was my hardest emotional day.)
I was so thankful hubs was able to be home this morning with time to go to the BMV while
I stayed home waiting on the 'I passed!' text all the while keeping myself super busy. 


Have a good weekend!!


  1. Looks cozy! Loved the milk mustache pic and even though we have snow here as well (and 4 snow days, too) I do like the snowy shots! Great set of a beautiful day.


  2. it looks so cold in those pictures, I think I would spend all day in bed ;) and the nerve of that child growing up and passing their driving test I don't even want to to think of that day!!! Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Bummer I missed 10 on 10! ;-) I love all your photos! Love the 'love' at the end! I want to get some valentines things out now! Congrats to Andrew! Such a milestone! Glad it's been fun at home in the snow! Ours is completely gone now, all rain! Enjoy a cozy weekend before back to school! :-)

  4. Stopping by via Ten on Ten. Your photographs are so lovely. Looks like a cold and cozy day for you!



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