10 on 10 :: December 2013 Candy Canes

It's the tenth. Time for ten photos over ten hours documenting the beauty in today...
Today we had a make up day Gingerbread House project for kindergarten that buddy boy has been
 SO looking forward to and second grade miss had her Christmas program. 
She had told me that we needed to get to her performance early enough to get
 "front row seats to the left of the stage."
 I did and was completely surprised as I sat reading the program... 
she was in a trio singing Deck the Halls. 
So cute and I love love love that she surprised us!

~dressed in her best for the Christmas program
~our gingerbread house creation
~setting my keys by the candy cane treats  {The kids are in a competition to see who can earn the most candy canes before Christmas morning. As they are sweet they earn one each day to put on the tree.}
~baby it's cold outside
 ~heading out
 ~after school pick up
 ~crossing the bridge toward home
 ~an easy 'summer' meal; cheeseburgers, salad and chips
 ~practicing his lines for Joseph
~all is calm

Hope you had a good tenth!



  1. What a lovely set of photographs - and such a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. It was a full day but so fun making memories. :)

  2. Such a beautiful day. Your posts always make me want to grab some tea and sit on your couch! I adore that picture of Santa on your wall and I now have Go tell it on the mountain in my head :)

    1. You're sweet. I would love to have you (and Jamison for tea.) That would be a treat!

  3. What a darling picture of your little girl! And I love the colours in your home. Lovely set!

  4. Your Christmas decor is so lovely. I always look forward to seeing all the different ways in which the tenth was spent--thanks for sharing your day!

  5. It's looking very Christmassy, beautiful.how amazing that your daughter kept her trio as a surprise- love that sunset

  6. Amy, I just started following you blog and am enjoying a peek into your life and thoughts. Great job! Your pictures are wonderful.

    If you want to follow my blog, go to blog.neenasnotes.me

    Lu Graf



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