Ten on Ten :: October 2013

Today. Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth capturing the beauty.
{And Following Rebekah's prompt pumpkin spice...a link up.}

Morning Starbucks stop after the school drop off and before the second grade flashcard drills.
A quick grocery store errand for hubs picking up his favorite super green drink powder and making a mental note to bring the kids back after school to get a pumpkin.
I promised girlie I would stay through lunch. 
My sweetie at Kindergarten dismissal. 
Home just long enough to straighten the kitchen.
The neighbors cat loves our yard when Hershey isn't out.
 Pumpkin picking time.
 Tonight's soccer game (for our middle son) included a huge dirt mound that the two littles enjoyed. At the end of the game I received a bouquet of clover while they received a mini bath
 before the ride home. ;)
Team photo; last game.

A beautiful fall day and it was full as our Thursdays usually are...

Thankful tomorrow is Friday. 
Looking forward to 'farm' day in Kindergarten for our littlest.
I'm off to bake the zucchini corn muffins he needs for class. 
And listen for the buzzer to ring for our oldest sons football uniform that needs dried 
for tomorrow nights game. 



  1. How is your little mister getting so big? I love the little pumpkins on the table and your little pumpkins picking out pumpkins :)

  2. wow! the sky in that last shot is breathtaking! love your set! (and the pumpkins on your table--also, your sweater!) :)

  3. 10 on 10s are my fav :). What a beautiful night for a game! How were the zucchini corn muffins? You like pumpkin spice lattes, too?! Yum. But salted caramel mochas have been my drink of choice lately



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