In character.

It's homecoming week and today is superhero day.
Our middle son dressed as batman
 girlie as "spiderman's girlfriend, M.J." 
 Our littlest; superman.
The outfits were last years Halloween costumes for the middle two. 
The superman cape was from the dress up box.

It was out to the back porch just before we left the house so each could try their superhero capes out as they jumped off the back porch and into the grass a little over a foot below.
The youngest said he really didn't want to wear the superman cape after all as he was climbing back up onto the porch. I quickly reminded him, "we choose our outfits the night before and don't have time to change our minds in the morning before school." That's all it took and off to the car we went as he stayed in character the entire ride to school. 

Look out kindergarten...
(I reminded him to take it down a notch several times.)


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  1. hi Amy! I love your beautiful story and how you weave God into every fabric of it. I've missed reading your blog but it has never been too far from my thoughts. Now that 3 of 4 kiddos are in school I hope to be a regular reader again. Your baby is a kindergartener! When did your daughters hair become so long and beautiful like she is?! A junior?! How are you? <3



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