The baby, our big mister, and his first lost tooth.

When the kindergarten mister had kindergarten round up a few weeks ago now, 
we were in the thick of football two-a-days for our oldest
 with soccer practice each and every (early) morning for our middle schooler. 
As everyone was dropped off on time 
(I think sometimes I should do a victory lap around the parking lot after drop off!)
the waiting and wondering started for me.
I made myself sit in the bleachers watching our oldest during football practice to keep myself occupied.
I took video and pictures in between wondering about the baby of the family...
I wondered how our mister would like kindergarten.

Was he really going to do this?!?

Then when it was time to do the car line and pick up that mister 
 I drove over not too soon to be the first in line but right in the middle waiting for my mister 
to walk his kindergarten self to the car.
As he hopped in the car and was greeted by my silence and smile he smiled back saying,
"well, aren't you going to ask me about my day???"

He talked and talked and I don't really think he's ever told me so much about one thing in 
all of his 6 years of life.
He was hungry of course so to MCL cafeteria we went.
And right in the middle of the meal he surprised us all loosing
 that first tooth of his biting into an ear of corn.

The baby of the family is growing up.
Just like that.


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