When cousins come~

Our Texas cousins came this past week as they have been doing each summer now for a few years. This year as we made plans I had thought it would be relaxing to head to the pool for the day. They really wanted to get out and explore something they hadn't seen before so it was downtown and to the Children's Museum we went for the day while hubs and our oldest had a full day at work...

All those boys and one girl.

It's a tradition for our middle son to put together the tower in the science area and then to hit the middle one watching it tumble to the ground while our youngest can spend hours watching the balls fall.

We were able to secure tickets for each of the kids to rock climb. It was a first for all of the kids with the exception of our middle son. They all did great working hard to persevere to the top of the 'mountain.' All of the kids made it to the flag at the top with the exception of our youngest who came so so close to the top but didn't quite make it due to running out of time. We made promises to be back again soon, he and I, to help him conqueror that mountain!!


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  1. Cousin visits are the best. Looks like you all had a great time. That children's museum looks amazing.



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