ten on ten :: August 2013

Our days of summer are coming to a close. One more week and school starts.
We were able to celebrate my Dad's (Papaw's) birthday today a couple weeks late and 
our nephew's birthday. Thankful for gorgeous weather today and we are looking forward
 to maybe a little trip to the state fair tomorrow. ;)

[morning coffee view from the back porch]

[where I stood watching our oldest at football practice; photo credit :: our girlie]

[girlie selecting a birthday tie for Papaw]

[look-a-likes; hubs and our oldest]

[Nana made a Texas Sheet Cake; yum!]

[he's nine tomorrow]

 [outside cousin play time]

[littlest cousin watching the biggest ones from Nana/Papaw's porch]

[hubs relaxing in my favorite room at mom's (Nana's) house]

[collecting wood from Papaw's back yard to carry home for dinner over our fire pit]

I'm off to help tend the fire...
(and squelch any arguments between our littlest two; 8 and 6. They've needed a bit more than usual redirecting today especially towards how they're treating each other.
I'm very close to calling an early bed time. We'll see how they do!)



  1. I can't believe it already time for football. Where did summer go? My girls had an early bedtime. ;)

  2. Looks like a lovely day. I absolutely love that first picture...what a beautiful and comforting home.

  3. Lots to celebrate in your day...nice to pop in and say



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