Visiting Nana B.

It's pretty special visiting Nana B. (mom's mom) The kids were looking forward to being able to see her on our way to Hilton Head this year as we would stop in Nashville to see her on the way to the beach as well as on the way home. The day before we were to leave the 2 littlest ones were sick and we couldn't expose Nana B. who is suffering with emphysema. Our littlest cried and really really wanted to see Nana B. It was a hard decision but we decided instead of stopping on our way home from the beach that we would wait and go in 2 more weekends. That trip was last weekend for the kids and I. (hubs had to stay home and take care of patients.)

Grandma is ready to go to be with the Lord. 
She is. We've had some good talks about her heavenly home.
As we were driving home I heard the 
Jeremy Camp song; Paradise ::

Can't wait to walk along your side,
And feel the beauty of your love and the fullness of your grace now.
Can't wait to finally be alive,
to be in the place where I belong to know I've fought for what's right.
Don't let this life take hold of my desires and I won't give up the fight.
Cause one day I will be with you in paradise...
We'll sing Hallelujah.

Thankful Grandma loves the Lord.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we cannot see~


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