Our week in review~

As I look back over our week through the pictures I captured on my cell phone I'm reminded yet again just how fast this summer is going. Our mister had quite a melt down late one afternoon this week as we were in the car together heading to drop our oldest off at football practice. He cried and carried on with nobody and nothing able to really help him through all the what ifs of kindergarten. Thankfully we were able to finally work through it and the sweet boy really just wants to do so well in kindergarten. I'm thankful and as I prayed over him as I said our dinner prayers that night I asked God to give him a heart to be able to go to school with joy. He looked up at me after the prayer with peace in his eyes and I knew then he was going to be fine. He is praying each night that he will be a good student and has even decided this week he knows what he wants to be when he grows up; a dentist. With Sydney. (our oldest sons girlfriend.)

It's Friday! Time to take a peek at our week through the lens of my cell phone.

 Friday pick up from camp for our middle son. He LOVED it. (I wasn't expecting that.) 
Straight from camp to Nashville to visit Nana B; hotel room shenanigans.

 Our middle son doing the moon walk at the Science Adventure Center.
(we all tried it; it was neat.)
 Nana B., her dog Tiki and our youngest.
 WE missed our daddy.
 Pool fun with Nana and all her granddaughters.
 Heading out on the big water for the first time with my girl.
I liked this movie. A lot. And I bribed my kids to grocery shop nicely 
with me before and after the movie. (dry goods before; refrigerator items after.)
 An afternoon ice cream trip. (the two littles have the life while our oldest does all the paddling!)
Our middle son and I were kayaking while our oldest was in the canoe. 
At this point our middle son is asking, is it nap time yet??
And lastly, my favorite IG (instagram app; amyhersheyskisses) picture from the week...
I love the memories that are stirred from this week (and from this summer) in this picture. And each of the kids prayed for the fun time taking the canoe/kayak to the ice cream shop during bed time prayers. Super sweet. Made my momma heart glad. :)

Have a great weekend.


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