Our week in review~

This week was post vacation week. We traveled home all day last Saturday from the beach making it home in a little over 16 hours. We've been settling in, unpacking and still feeling a bit like we're on vacation mode. (the kids are still staying up until midnight. Not me.)

Here is a peek at this week taking a look at my cell phone pictures ::

(Happy Friday!!)

 Friday laundry day done mostly by hubs; thankful to pack and bring home clean laundry!
 While the guys saw a movie on our last day of vacay I took the littles who had wanted to putt-putt.
Saturday drive :: from palm trees to mountains to grassy (deer feeding) meadows.
Sunday :: dock side rock-paper-scissors to decide who would tube first on the boat.
(you can bet the suitcases aren't unpacked. ;)
Monday drive :: my first time to ride with our oldest as he drove to pick up Hershey from the kennel.
And a Monday night back deck dinner just our oldest and I as we came home to hubs having taken the 3 youngest to the pool. I made spaghetti while our oldest grilled steaks. I laughed as he recalled stories from his weekend fun with friends boating on the Ohio River in Madison~
 Tuesday/Thursday :: Pool day with their cousin. (and Nana)
{Placing their lunch order at the pool a couple times this week as I had zero motivation to grocery shop for a couple days then I had zero motivation to cook...I have big plans to change that this next week.}

Wednesday :: last swim meet.
(the mister and girlie were the only two to swim; 
it was called for a storm before our middle son got to his events...kinda sad.)
 Thursday evening fun pool time as our oldest was at football practice. 
(a yearly July/August tradition for the littles and I to pass the time during football.)
(I still have one suitcase to unload.)

And the fishing this week ::
Fishing girl :: she's been pulling them in right and left!
Our youngest mister has been getting a bit exasperated with his super good fishing sister; so has hubs.


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