Our summer (beach) vacation~

Summer. In years past we have done a beach trip for a week. Most years we leave not fully feeling satisfied and as I planned our trip this year hubs said we should do two weeks. I was excited and thankful... In the end hubs work summer schedule was very full and our oldest son didn't want to miss a couple football practices. I booked the trip for two weeks and it worked out that mom and I were able to leave a few days before Dad, our oldest and hubs. Mom and Dad stayed for most of the time leaving a few days early to spend some time in Nashville with Nana B. (mom's mom.) We stayed through the fourth of July and on home the weekend after. It was fun, relaxing and just what we needed.

The memories ::

 Mom and I made plans to leave early for the thirteen hour drive with the three youngest hopefully sleeping for the first couple of hours. They were super excited and with the exception of our youngest (who was sick with a fever) they didn't sleep or nap. 
We arrived late sixteen hours later, after dark and exhausted.
We had our house number in the GPS however,
the GPS took us about a mile short.
The house numbers were listed on the end of each mailbox and
I had mom trying to read them as I drove by. We laughed and laughed (the next day) about how I was driving a little too fast and it was so dark mom could barely read the mailboxes. Thankful we found it and I don't even remember falling asleep our first night~
Take us to the beach! (our leader of the pack for most bike rides.)
 Our entrance to the beach~
The kids jumping the waves with Nana.
After a few days of enjoying the beach fully we witnessed a little boy of 9 years old 
jumping the waves with his daddy. The boy jumped right on a fish hook
 that was still attached to a line with a stingray.
My kids were on shore when it happened building a sandcastle
 right next to where that family was sitting.
The dad quickly got the stingray off of the line and threw it back in the water. 
He then carried his son to the beach towels beside us as he panicked a bit as to what to do.
I helped talk him through his decisions telling him I was sure my hubs would say go to the ER.
In the end that is what they did. As I saw them on the beach two days later enjoying the sand and waves (with water shoes on!) the dad thanked me for my advice. 
My kids however didn't want to go to the beach (to swim) for a day and instead we enjoyed the pool, a hike in the forest preserve followed by another dip in the pool and a late evening beach bike ride~
Early morning pool racing.
Mid-afternoon (hot) hike.
Followed by another dip in the pool to cool off...
Dinner at a favorite restaurant on and off the island; Five Guys.
Biking on the miles and miles of paths and on the beach...what keeps bringing me back to Hilton Head. 
 The guys arrived late in the evening making the trip a bit more quickly then we did even after having to turn around to head home for forgotten items once they were about 25 minutes from home. 
Oldest brother was sure to keep it fun in the pool with the littles and they all stayed up late 
after sun down to do some night swimming. 
Oldest brother also figured out the t.v. and made sure we 
were able to watch every single episode ever of Duck Dynasty. 
We had a few nights of after dinner Duck Dynasty entertainment. ;)
Biking home with my boys after lunch at the Beach Club.
(Hubs, Nana, Papaw and girlie took a different path.)
 Dinner at The Old Oyster Factory is turning into a yearly tradition with the kids 
throwing washed up oysters back out to sea.
 (girlie won the skipping contest and even showed the brothers 'how to best do it.')
 Early morning poker games at the kitchen table turned peanut butter toast breakfast time with a movie; The Fox and the Hound.

There were a few bike rides to the park at Harbour Town ::

 And many days spent at the beach ::

With a favorite beach memory of mine~
 Getting to the beach with just hubs and our oldest. We set out our spot just to watch a huge storm come in only five minutes after we sat down. We had to ride our bikes home in the pouring down rain. Our oldest and I were in the lead with hubs trailing a bit behind. At one point our oldest pulled over on the path to see if hubs could catch up. We quit waiting because it was pouring so hard... 
We peddled home between raindrops and laughs!
Hubs later told us he had one of his contacts fall out and had to stop to put it back in.

We had some work out/ running days...

 Family evening golf course bike ride...
with our youngest and I beating everyone home well after dark. Unfortunately there was a rattle snake at our front door that I didn't see until our youngest yelled, "there is something on my foot!" I yanked him back, screaming as we ran down the driveway and to the road just as everyone else was arriving home. Hubs and our oldest to the rescue... We now have a rattle snake to add to their 'hunting' list. ;)
 So much pool fun continuing to add to my dream for a backyard pool for us.
 Burying my feet.
Our family; 2013.

Hilton Head.


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