Backyard camp out~

I counted the days until school starts as the kids and I took down 'the camp site' this morning... Twenty days for the bigs (11th grade, 6th and 2nd) and twenty three for the kindergarten mister. It's that time of summer when we start to celebrated the end and squeeze every bit of goodness out of it that we can...

Our backyard camp out ::

The camping fun lasted two nights.
My favorite was listening to all the animals through out the night on our first night with each of the kids calling out animal names. At one point I was half asleep as our daughter asked, "mom, what was that?!" My half asleep answer was a blue heron. (have you heard those, they are really loud at night squawking...) Girlie listened a moment longer and said, "MOM! That's a hoot owl... boys, that was a hoot owl," she loudly stated.


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