10 on 10, July 2013

Happy 10th! It's that time to take a look at our day over ten hours through ten pictures capturing the beauty...

Today we had our last swim meet of the season for our three youngest. It was a conference meet against four other teams. Originally, the coach and I had decided the 6 year old mister wouldn't compete he would just cheer for his brother and sister.  I broke the news to him last night just before bed. He handled the news that his swim season was over okay and he prayed that he would cheer good for his brother and sister...

Arriving bright and early at the swim meet ready to cheer and some how the misters spot to swim freestyle was never removed from the roster. Thankfully, I had his swim shorts in my swim bag. HE was having a little bit of a hard time parting with his Lego star wars shirt but in the end he took it off to swim his event (freestyle) and swam a personal best! 

Today :: 

Our 11 year old 'tatooed' and ready to race...

Lazy River boy enjoying himself as brother and sister still have events to swim.

Girlie doing her backstroke. (and then the meet was cancelled for thunder; we all hurried home to Nana's.)

Relaxing beside my 11 year old at Nana's.

Our oldest 'talked' me into a lunch date at Five Guys as we were near one for his dental appointment. ;)

Racing Hershey. (Hershey always wins.)

My three boys posing for a picture as we sit beside Aunt Donna on the couch at Nana's. (Aunt Donna asked for a picture of them.)

Daddy's home!!

From a patient; garden fresh.

Beautiful sky tonight.

Hope you had a good one.
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