Our mister. The youngest. 
Now he is six. So hard to believe and all in a few days 
he seems so so so grown up.
He's talking bigger.
He's okay with going to school.
He rides that bike of his without training wheels 
doing his best to stay up with 
'the big kids.'

His LOVES ::

Favorite food :: Macaroni at Noodles and Co.
Despicable Me 2 is the movie he's most looking forward to seeing. 
He can't wait to play soccer for the first time in the fall.
Sponge Bob is his favorite cartoon.
He can be found playing Legos for hours in his room.
He is looking forward to learning how to read in Kindergarten.
{because I already know how to do plusses (adding) up to four thousand; two thousand plus two thousand is four thousand...but I can really go up to eight thousand!

 birthday morning with his new shark 
tired birthday boy waiting for a fresh six year old haircut
daddy brought home a carrot cake from a late dinner meeting on birthday boys 
birthday; he didn't like it at all...momma to the rescue, 
I made a Texas sheet cake the night we celebrated.

I can't wait to see what this year holds.


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