Our girl.
Eight years old.
Her birthday falls just before summer vacation each year and
her favorite place to celebrate is in Hilton Head.
So today, on her special birthday, she went along with me to do some 
last minute vacation errands.
While at the Target she found the party aisle and said, "look momma" 
as I was collecting hair and make up products on the opposite aisle.
"That looks SO cute!" I said followed by a, "let me get a picture."
After we were done with our errands we went to a fancy little tea/lunch just girlie and I.

She worked on her manners and let me know every step of the meal how best to display my manners.
I love how she is and especially look forward to our one on one time.

Her eight year old loves ::

Pot Stickers are her favorite food.
She loves to swim on the swim team with Sophie.
  Gabriella is her favorite friend. 
This year she played softball for the first time and fell in love,
she now calls it her favorite sport.
She watches Fetch! ("with Rough Rough men") as often as she can on Netflix or PBS kids.
Four Corners is her favorite thing to play with her family.
P.E. is her favorite subject.
And she says she wants to be a scientist when she grows up.

All she asked for for her birthday was fabric. Actually, she wanted a fabric 'closet' just like her Nana.
I took her to the fabric store after our lunch and let her pick out 5 fat quarters. When we got to the register to pay I told the lady that's all she wanted for her birthday and she let her pick out one more for free. Girlie felt awfully special.
Love her.


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