10 on 10, June 2013

It's the tenth of the month and the beginning to the second week of summer break. The kids are settling in great. I've discovered that we indeed have 4 night owls which can be a bit tiring for this early to bed early to rise momma. ;)
Here is our day today documenting this day :: beauty and life :: over ten hours; 10 on 10, a link up.
I carried blankie boy straight from the car to his 'waiting spot' by the starting block 
at swim team for dive practice. His first meet ever is tomorrow 
and to say he is excited is not even close to how he's feeling! 
 Brother and sister waiting and watching littlest brother.
"I don't wanna sit in the back seat..." 
A stop at Cracker Barrel to feed the hungry kiddos after we picked up oldest brother from
the football camp he had been helping at all morning with the elementary/middle school kids.
 A little game of dots going around the table. I lost.
 Home to Hershey scaling the garage door showing us he wanted to get to his favorite toy in the gutter;
our oldest to the rescue.
A little 3 on 1 game of Foosball; the team of three won. ;)
Sore throat girlie. 
 Beside our front door.
Relaxing a bit before our evening...

Hope you had a good tenth!!



  1. Looks like a fun-filled day for one of my favorite families. Cracker Barrel always makes me think of you :)

  2. What a fun filled day! Love the dog's trick.



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