Quality time.

At the dinner table; Friday.
Last Friday evening after I dropped our middle (11 year old)
 son off for baseball practice I sat and watched awhile.
Just me and one other dad in the stands with the coach leading the boys in stretches.
I sat awhile for the first time all day it felt when hubs texted to see if we could 'trade places;'
he was home with the youngest two.
I headed home and as hubs walked out the door he told the littlest 2 if they picked weeds
 while he was gone he would pay them a dollar.
They picked and picked for nearly the entire hour their daddy was gone.
The mister came in once saying he "couldn't take it anymore." I didn't say a thing. 
He stood and thought at the front door and said aloud, "okay. I'll head back out..."
 (In what hubs and I refer to as his 'Eeyore' voice.)
Upon returning home hubs gave the kids each 2 dollars for their 'hard work.'
They earned it.
Yesterday, the mister had a hand full of money in his hands as he came upstairs to my side,
the money he earned from pulling weeds combined with the money Nana had paid him for walking 
Beau while she and Papaw were out of town recently.
"Wanna go to pitt-puttering with me, mom? I'll pay..."
How could I say no??
On the drive the mister sat quietly in the back seat 
and after a bit said to me, "I just love spending quality time with you."


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