Our week in review~

The summer count down has begun. 10 and 1/2 more days of school. YIPPEE!! It's the count down that is helping me finish this school year strong. :))

Here is a peek at some of the cell phone pictures and the moments I captured this past week...

Getting some dippin dots for my boy.
Last Friday our middle son and I attended Math and Science day at Kings Island with his other classmates. It was a rainy rainy day and we were soaked by the end. However, all the rides we wanted to do were 'walk on.' He had a blast.

Date night for our oldest and his girlfriend~
 Hubs and I dropped our oldest and his girlfriend off for a little date night dinner Saturday night and then we drove just down the street to eat our dinner with our 2 other boys (girlie was with Nana/Papaw) while we waited on the 'come pick us up' text.

The front of the card we bought for my Mom/Nana.
Mother's Day was a fun day and when Nana opened her card it sang, "What a Wonderful World." Nana said it was sad. (in a good way) We had a really nice day.

My favorite cell phone capture this week. Love.
 Girlie has had a sore throat that turned into a wet cough. I wasn't sure if she had allergies or bronchitis... I scheduled an appointment with the best Doctor we know and found out she does have allergies. :( However, she thought it was super ticklish to have daddy feel her lymph nodes.
Hershey likes our new welcome mat at the front door.
 One of my favorite memories from this week :: Tuesday, after girlie went to the Dr. I stopped by the greenhouse 'to cheer her up.' We picked out our flats of flowers and had 2 hours to get them in the ground before we had to get the brothers from school and such. The 2 littles planted and planted working the hardest I've ever seen. They planted all the beds while I planted the flower boxes and containers. I love it and I've told them every day since! :)) (I've got gardeners!!! The mister said at one point, "I like planting...I was born to plant.")

Have I ever told you sunshine rolls are my favorite???

Making water balloons.
 When girlie stayed home from school earlier in the week (for allergies) I got a renewed glimpse of what our summer will look like; these two keep me on my toes.

New sunnies for me!
Hubs is afraid my new sunnies are going to cause me to get pulled over more frequently for speeding. (I did get another ticket this week. SIGH.)

 Another fish that didn't make it; girlies. Miss wanted to send it off to the sewer.

Late night play time after I had asked the mister to get in his jammies. The bed time at our house is creeping later and later with the sun staying up longer and longer.

Girlie heading in last night after her game; they lost by one.

And another week filled with softball, baseball and lacrosse. We've been triple booked most nights and some nights quadruple. Lacrosse ends this coming Monday so that should help a lot.

Have a great weekend.


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