Happy Mother's Day, 2013

Mother's Day. It started 16 years ago with the birth of our firstborn for me.  Being a mother is my favorite. 

Made with love by first grade girlie at school~
 I woke early with the sun in my eyes, the first one up, and I shuffled to get coffee. As I entered the basement I realized I wasn't the first up as my 2 youngest boys sat on the couch with Good Luck Charlie playing on the t.v. With my coffee in hand I joined them on the couch and I told them, Happy Mother's Day. They told me the same :)) and after a few minutes the phone rang. It was my girl who had spent the night at Nana and Papaw's.
Me: Hello?
Me: Aww. Thanks, sweetie.
Girlie: Go look in my school bag...right now...
Me: Ok...I LOVE it!!
Girlie: Giggles~

Proud boy with his present wrapped for Nana
It was my mister that gave me fits today. He didn't want to wear anything fancy or even semi dressed up for church and lunch out with Nana. For Mother's Day?? Nope. He wasn't even going to do it for Mother's Day. So I let him wear his outfit of choice; jeans and a hoodie with Mickey Mouse on it with the understanding that he couldn't wear the hoodie on his head all day! He only put it up once to walk in to church. Then, about 5 minutes into the sermon buddy boy fell fast asleep. I understood then why he had such a hard time getting dressed that morning.

My mom. I love her.
After the church service we had just enough time to run into the grocery store. Hubs and the boys really wanted to get flowers for me. Girlie wanted to buy me chocolates. We also needed bread, eggs, milk and peanut butter. We hurried home passing Nana and Papaw on the way heading to lunch. (they called and said we were heading the wrong way! Ha.) Hubs our oldest and I unloaded the groceries while the three littles stayed in the car and we met Mom and Dad for lunch 5 min. late. It was a scrumptious buffet! We gave Nana her gifts and the biggest hit was the gift our eleven year old picked out for her; flashcards for the current slang. To keep her hip. ;)

For reals. I laughed until I cried as I read through the stack.

After lunch we took a little walk down to the water at my request for a group shot. Just as we were getting ready to say, "cheese" a girl that looked to be about eleven threw a giant rock in the water to the side of us. Funny.

Our oldest is pretty special.

Our oldest asked to have his picture taken with me next for his Instagram. :)) I love Instagram and I love our oldest so not a problem.

It's pretty special being a momma. I'm so thankful to have these children for this time.

To end the day our oldest watched the kids as hubs and I went to see The Great Gatsby. It was soooo good. So good. Hubs even liked it and he wasn't sure he would.

Hope you had a lovely day.



  1. Sounds like such a wonderful day!!!

  2. What a sweet day. A bunch of girlfriends and I got dressed up and went to see the Great Gatsby. So much fun!



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