10 on 10, May 2013

It's the tenth of the month already. Time is not slowing down! Three more weeks and school is out!!

Today's set of pictures taken over ten hours capturing this day and the beauty in moments ::
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Sitting down to morning emails and coffee. I spy a little happy paper flower 
someone left by my seat.

 Cereal for everyone kind of morning.
(I asked the 5 year old mister if he'd like Cheerios, Special K or granola. 
Granola he confidently replied, paused and then asked, what's granola??)

Hello, Hershey peeking at me from the window as I walk by.

 My mister happily bounding up Nana's steps. 
It's an alone day two days in a row for the mister with his Nana.
(I'm missing him...the last few weeks of school are full full full.)

 Late drop off. (I let the school kids sleep in.)

Fifteen more school days and our biggest boy will be a junior. Sigh.
After the school drop off our 
  5th grader and I headed to a 
 (WET) Kings Island theme park day for math and science day.

 Ready to find a sweat shirt to purchase for coldie cold cold Captain America. (I don't know why I didn't pack one for him.)

Buddy boy and I just finished riding the Diamondback; he mentioned it had the longest drop of all the rides in the park (250 foot drop?!!) after we were buckled into the ride.

 A little cinnabon snack to take for the road.

Good bye cold wet day. It was sooo fun. Every ride was a walk on. Perfect for an eleven year old boy and his friends. :))

Happy 10th and Happy Mother's Day weekend!


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