Spring Break 2013; Hollywood

Hollywood. It's where our eleven year old middle son has wanted to 'vacation' since he was 5. I think it all started when he was born. Really. American Idol started that summer. He was 4 months old and our oldest was 5 years old. Hubs was working loooo-ong hours that required him to stay over night at the hospital every other night. (168 hour work weeks. I don't miss those.) My neighbors and I would watch American Idol and had SO much fun voting people off. (I would call in my vote!) We continued the tradition of watching American Idol each year eventually with hubs joining us and I had no idea what kind of an impact that golden ticket to Hollywood was making on our second born until he started kindergarten. He was assigned to make an 'all about me' poster to share with the class. He wanted to include his most desired place to visit; Hollywood. ;) That was the first time I heard about traveling there and it wouldn't be the last.

As we told the kids we would be traveling to California this year for spring break you can be sure our middle son was first to ask if our trip would include Hollywood~

Hollywood was scheduled to be our first stop right off the plane on Sunday morning. However, as our flight was cancelled and rescheduled with a late night arrival we had to shift our plans. We didn't give up on our Hollywood adventure and headed there first thing Monday after breakfast...

Girlie and I were up first after just a few hours of sleep. We got ready and left the room together to explore the resort. We took our time while the guys were getting ready and by the time they were finishing up to head down to breakfast girlie had smelled every flower in the resort. ;)

We had an 8:30 reservation for a character breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe. It was a great way to start our spring break! The boys all love buffets and of course the characters stopping by the table as we ate was a treat for the mostly littlest 2.

Chip and Dale were the main Characters

Half way through breakfast Koda from Brother Bear asked the kids to come to the center of the restaurant to have a dance party. With me by our misters side he left our breakfast table to dance. It was the cutest part of breakfast.

Our family :: Spring Break 2013

On the way to our car parked in the lot across from our resort I couldn't pass up a photo opportunity under the Disneyland Dr. sign. (my family loves me. ;)

 Then it was a bumper to bumper drive to Hollywood. Thankfully, the kids mostly slept while I navigated and hubs drove.

Maybe there is a better way from Disneyland to Hollywood instead of using the 101 or maybe traffic in California is just bumper to bumper all the time. I don't know. It certainly isn't anything like my morning Interstate that I complain about. ;) I have a new appreciation for Indiana traffic. (however, nobody honks their horns in CA like Indiana drivers AND hubs said he appreciated how people in CA actually let you in when you're merging off/on from an exit.)

As we drove and meandered our way through the Hollywood neighborhood the kids woke and we arrived effortlessly to the dog park I had googled. We were able to get out and stretch our legs while also getting a good shot of the Hollywood sign...

 Our eleven year old sons dream come true.

Our oldest thought it was pretty cool too!

Girlie and our littlest spent their time playing on the playground beside the dog park while begging to head up the hill to the ice cream truck they saw as we were approaching the dog park.

The scared mister hiding behind our eleven year old sons legs. 
On our way up to the ice cream truck we walked across the street and explored a bit on a cliff that had trails. At one point the mister was walking a little too far ahead and I couldn't see him as he would round a corner.  I had just alerted him to the fact that he really needed to stop going ahead of us too far and to stay on the path... because (like any good mother would point out) there are rattlesnakes here in California! Hubs was a little irritated and we argued a minute. Right there in Hollywood. We argued. On Spring Break. And then we let it go and moved on to the ice cream truck where I talked the guy down from charging 3 bucks a piece to 2 bucks each. Ha.

On the way back down the path and on to our car hubs and the kids found geodes and cracked them open. (hubs got stopped and received the full pat down at the airport as he traveled 
home with one of the rocks!)

Then it was off to downtown Hollywood to do the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We parked right next to Janet. (in a not so nice? part of town. Is there a nice section to Hollywood?? I wouldn't walk these streets alone.)

 I enjoyed seeing the star for Jennifer Aniston (who our oldest thought was a pop star.)

And Reese Witherspoon. She's adorable.

 The kids all loved seeing Mister Rogers although our middle son missed it as he had choosen to walk back to the meter with hubs at this point to add more money...

And we ended on Dr. Suess after we ate a late late lunch at the Pig N' Whistle. We had planned to go to Griffith park however, hubs and I were exhausted at this point and going back to the resort for a little before bed swim sounded much more appealing.

We took another bumper to bumper drive back to our resort where the kids excitedly got ready for a little night swim.

The view from our room~

Day one was a fun filled adventure and we went to bed ready for our next adventure to start in the morning at Disney California Adventure Park.



  1. That is a great first day adventure! Dan went to Hollywood/Beverly Hills for a conference a few years ago and took ZERO pics! I was so disappointed! They all groan when I make them stop for a pic...but they sure love going back and seeing the memories! ;-)
    Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip! :-D

    1. :)) We really had fun but what I didn't say is Hollywood is PG13. Goodness. I'm glad we had our heads mostly down looking at the stars in the sidewalk. ;)

  2. What a great way to start your trip! I love the part about your middle guy's dream coming true by going on this fun!



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