Softball girlie, wish you had been there.

Girlies first softball game (of her life.) I was holding my breath all spring as she went to practice each week. Her throwing looked promising. The batting, not bad. She can catch a ball and after a couple of practices her coaches decided first or third base was the best position for her... 

Heading to the field in her uniform after dressing in the car.
 Late Saturday afternoon after traveling north for her oldest brothers lacrosse game and then having to leave just a few minutes into the second game to make it to her game on time (brother dressed varsity for the first time.) we hurried home to get on a make shift outfit as coach had texted the day before saying the uniforms weren't in on time. We headed to the fields just minutes away and as we pulled up the girls on the field were dressed much different than girlie. I asked if she wanted to go home for an outfit change and she agreed only after realizing she wouldn't be late. I had our middle son run down to his room to grab a white short sleeved under armour shirt as I went to grab a pair of bright green under armour shorts I had just bought for her youngest brother. Girlie was satisfied with her look and we hurried back to the fields only to be met with her coach handing her a uniform for the game with instructions to go change into it. (the uniforms came in time after all.) Girlie was excited and as she entered the playing field coach yelled, "what's your number?" She looked at me and I yelled back, "seven." I sent her off with a, "have a good game and went to the bleachers as I watched for Nana to come and the two youngest boys played soccer in the grass behind the field.
Heading to the car with soccer loving brother after the game.
Hubs and I were texting the entire game as he wasn't able to leave our oldest sons game until just about the end of girlies: [she] scored. Hit a nice one to third...She's playing third catching balls right and left getting people out! Three up three down! She struck out. Swung at everything... I even sent him a video of her last time up to bat. She hit it to third base with the pitchers helper stepping out of the pitchers box to stop it and then the ball was over thrown to first. Girlie was safe and grinned. She has a lot of energy out on the field; something I wasn't really expecting to see.

They won. 14-13 and the first thing she asked her daddy when he came in the garage door, "why weren't you at my game?!?" They talked about it and girlie watched the short videos I had taken. She can't wait for her next game and said, "I'm playing softball again next year!"


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