Our week in review~

This week looking back at it through the eye of my cell phone and the moments captured~

 Friday evening we were quadruple booked; baseball practice for our 11 year old, 
softball for girlie, a full OR schedule for hubs and a lacrosse game a little over 2 hours away 
for our oldest.... It was one of the evenings I wasn't sure how everything would work out.
 (and Nana/Papaw were out of town.) In the end as it was a super cold/rainy eve 
practice was cancelled for our middle two, hubs got done early and we were all able
 to take a little road trip to cheer on our oldest to a lacrosse victory. 
(girlie is concerned the entire lacrosse games for her brothers safety; 
she doesn't like the checking at ALL.)

 We came home Friday night just after midnight and then had to head back 
north again for game number 2 for lacrosse early Saturday morning.
 After his win and while we waited on him to finish watching 
the varsity play we ate Five Guys. Yum!!

 Sunday picture of my sweeties before church~

Tuesday morning the kitchen and garage hall needed a good wash after the dust/dirt
 was tracked in from baseball/softball the night before.

Wednesday eve was the swim team call out meeting. This will be our middle son and girlies third year to swim. The mister says he wants to swim too. He makes the cut off for his age however, he has to be able to swim the length of the pool by May 20th... He has a lot of work to do!

5th grade class picture before the jogging began~
Thursday was spent going around and around the track at school for the all school Jog-a-Thon.
 (pre-k through 8th grade)
The littlest mister and I went to the track and walked/jogged with each class; 1st and 5th.
For the last 2 hours of the school day I took the mister to the Children's Museum
before we had to do the after school pick up.

 Freckled nosed sweeties on a super windy day at the track!

 And today it's cold wet and rainy. Again.

Happy Spring;
Happy Friday!!



  1. I love how your sweet girl is protective of her brother. So glad Friday quadruple's booking worked out ok (even in the cold). Five Guys sounds lovely right now...maybe we'll have to go this weekend! I think the idea of a Jog-a-Thon is pretty cool.

    1. We're quadruple booked today, again. The simple days of summer we will appreciate even more! We hadn't been to Five Guys in what felt like forever so it was extra good. :))



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