Our week in review~

Friday!! We are at the end of this week that seemed to take forever. :)
Here's a peek at our week and the moments I captured on my cell phone:

 Last Friday we were enjoying our last day in California. We checked out of our resort
 by 11 and on to the Queen Mary before we had to catch our late flight out. 
 My boys on the deck.
 We arrived in Chicago O'Hare just after midnight. The littles and I led the way
to the Hilton for a night of rest before we had to travel on home.
 9:15 a.m. and I still had a room full of sleepy heads. I was thankful we had
a late check out at noon. Hubs was in a taxi heading across town to 
pick up our car at Midway airport where we had left it all week. 
First things first before heading home; filling our bellies with some 
good food (at Brunch) and sharing some good laughs. (girlie snapped this one.)
 Home sweet Home.
 Monday eve was the first night for baseball for our middle son and softball for girlie.
They practiced on the drive together before getting ready to go.
 Hubs took the training wheels off the misters bike Monday night
and taught him how to pedal without them.
 The mister and I rode bikes ALL day long Tuesday. And Wednesday. :))
 The park on Wednesday. We are happy happy to have spring weather.
 Look Momma, no hands!
I captured hubs doing a bed time selfie with the mister.
Some lacrosse passes in the front yard between our oldest and girlie. 
And a lunch date for the kids and I Thursday during their lunch hours
put me a day behind on my housework. But it was all worth it. 

This weekend our oldest has a lacrosse tournament and we have baseball/softball practice to do.
It's spring. I wish the spring weather had stayed but it looks like we will be bundling up for our outdoor activities. :/

Have a good weekend!!


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