My boys.

It is hard for me to believe as I washed the floors this morning from the dust and dirt brought in from 
yesterday eve's baseball/softball practice that spring really is upon us and all that that entails.
The mister:

Last summer as we were having a drought we lost one of our favorite trees, a blue spruce.
As I went to the nursery to find a replacement I decided on a Magnolia for the space.
The mister remembering back to last season as we planted and watered it
  has wanted to water it almost every day even if we've had rain this spring. :)
He is my helper. My little shadow and I'm looking forward to each of these spring days 
spending time with him before Kg. starts in the fall. We have one last 
9 weeks grading period until the school kids are home for the summer...

Last night during baseball practice for our 11 year old son our 5 year old mister brought his little soccer
ball along. He and hubs were playing in the grass beside the field our 11 year old was 
practicing on when I noticed the coaches could use an extra set of hands on the field
 to catch some balls. I looked at hubs and said, 
"it's too bad you didn't bring your mitt... they could use you out there."
Hubs (and the mister) were content playing a little soccer together and continued on until 
another little friend came to play with the mister.
Although the mister is counting down the months until fall soccer I'm thankful 
we decided to keep him on the sidelines this spring season. 

My (grass stained) boy.
 "I didn't really want him to grow up," keeps ringing in my ears and heart. 
Hubs said that last week after he taught the mister to pedal his bike all on his own.

I feel the same.

And then my momma heart thinks of my school boys
as I dropped them off at school this morning.
The blessing spoken in my heart and my post on Instagram (amyhersheyskisses)

My (school) boys.
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face shine upon you. 
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, 
and give you peace.

It's still hard for me to imagine I'm going to have 3 school boys next year...
I'm not sure I'll ever shake the feeling this is all going so fast.


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