Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach

It's Thursday and time for a little instagram tradition #tbt (throw back Thursday) for the blog. I'm only going back three weeks to when we were in California for spring break. We had a beach day because really you can't go to California and not go to the beach! Before we left I had in my mind what I had remembered the CA beaches to be like from my time in San Diego when I was 19.  I couldn't wait to show the kids how different the beaches are from the ones they have been to on the East Coast, in the gulf or in Florida. I researched the beaches that weren't too far from our resort at Disneyland and decided on the state park; Crystal Cove.

Our beach day fell in the middle of the week. We slept in a bit as we had been up late the night before and were ready to head out close to lunch time. We drove the long (scenic) way around to the beach first to stop and eat lunch at a little seafood restaurant. (my favorite place we ate all week!)
[As we entered the little restaurant to put our name in I was holding the mister. He held his head close to my neck and didn't really look around much. I could tell he was uncomfortable. As we went back outside to wait on our table the mister placed himself on the bench furthest from the entrance and stated, "We're NOT eating here... it smells like fish."While he pouted I went across the street to get a picture of the adorable beach town restaurant.]
Hello my family...why do you look at me like I'm a crazy tourist taking your picture?!?
We didn't have to wait long at all and really any length of time would have been fine as the food was delicious!! To start we all ordered a bowl of clam chowder. The waitress tried to talk a few of us into sharing because it's a lot of soup. Hubs and I looked at each other and then I assured her we would do fine with 6 bowls; we love clam chowder. It's a red broth she went on to say. That didn't scare us. ;) We practically licked the bowls clean...ha.

After lunch we walked across the street and to the end of the pier to see a little bit of surfing at Newport Beach.

 We saw the surfer get up once as we watched for awhile. The beach was really crowded and the kids were eager to play. I assured them they would enjoy the beach we were heading to. We walked back to the car and off we drove  about 12 minutes to Crystal Cove State Park where we practically had the beach to ourselves. It was/is so beautiful!! We hiked down to the ocean:

 Can you believe how beautiful this is?? I asked our oldest as we walked. Hubs and our littlest were in the lead walking at a fast pace to get to the ocean. The trails were a bit winding and then once we got to the last cliff there were about 50 or so dirt/rock steps to walk down.

 Then we were at the ocean. The little ones were the 2 that braved the cold water the most slowly walking in to about their knees as we walked. We walked about a 1/2 a mile or so until we found 'our spot.' Sand castles were made, rocks found and skipped across the ocean, we watched dolphins jumping and boats going by. We stayed until just before sun down. The kids had so much fun and wished we had made more time for the beach.

Spring Break :: Crystal Cove Beach 2013



  1. Looks like aso many great memories were made!

  2. What great reflection! Looks like such an amazing time. I truly do love CA so much. Great pictures :) I think Caleb and your mister have the same swim trunks #twins



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