10 on 10, April 2013

 It's the 10th. How did that happen?? We've been home from California for four days now... It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be to get back in to the swing of things after Spring Break however, the 5 year old mister is still sleeping in WAY late. Not quite until just before noon as he was but closer to 10 a.m.  (our 10 a.m. is California's 7 a.m.) I think the school kids are doing better than I am getting up at 6. (yesterday's wake up call was 5 for our oldest and I as he had morning lacrosse practice. ugh.) And today we missed the bus because I was still dragging from the day before. ;) The laundry is at a manageable level, the homework is getting done and the papers signed. It's a good week.

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10 pictures over 10 hours on this 10th capturing today's beauty:

View out my drivers side window as we are stopped in traffic on the way to school.
(posted on Instagram; amyhersheyskisses)
7 year old miss is reciting Jeremiah 33:3 for her Bible test;
'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'

My messy braid.

Cocoa and coconut milk for me; the mister is still asleep...

My Mister is awake now and he's making plans to get outside to ride his bike.

Little snack at my desk.

Thankful our Magnolia is budding; I'm admiring it while the mister is riding his bike.
(a replacement from last years drought.)

The mister requested cheese eggs and toast for lunch~

Spring mantle; I'm wondering if I should change the ski pictures in the frame (on the shelf)
 to spring break pics....I'm adding that project to my list.

After school playing in the park while the rain starts to fall...

Our second and third twirling between the rain drops one last time before we have to
pick up oldest brother from lacrosse.

Hope you had a good day!!


  1. That photo of your magnolia is GORGEOUS! And I love your messy braid. Your cabinets and dishes are so cheery. Love them!

  2. Adjusting after Spring Break always takes us a few days too. We all like to sleep :)
    Beautiful pictures! Cute braid, smiling at Dumbo is precious and the action shot at the end- awesome.

  3. Love your cute french braid! And, your bowls are so pretty!
    Looked like you guys had a nice (and productive!) day!

  4. What a wonderful day, and I love the commentary to go with it. Good luck with the magnolia.

  5. you know how i love your 10 on 10's! i seriously need to join you on this one of these months :) that spring mantle looks lovely and i love the messy braid look! have a super day yourself, sweet amy!



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