This last day of winter; 2013.

 This was my last winter home with the baby of the family.
(to celebrate the 'lasts' is as important if not more important than celebrating their 'firsts.')
I was thankful when we finally got enough snow to cover the grass and sled.
Miss was a bit upset as she didn't get a 'snow day' from school 
(and really I was too.)
But the mister and I enjoyed some time sledding, snow ball making and 
running through the snow with Hershey...
[Girlie asked me shortly after that good snow fall, "if you won the lottery and 
won all that money mom, what would you do with it." 
First, I don't play the lottery, but if I did and won I said,
 "I'd buy a huge amount of farm land just around the corner from our house, 
truck a huge amount of dirt there to make a ski hill!"] 

Spring starts tomorrow!!
I'm going through the winter pics and posting them to the blog.
(post dating)
Here is  a look at the first one from our ski trip to
Park City, Utah


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  1. those are some sweet pics of your boy, and of you in the snow
    ps I love the new look of your blog :) and it's at a new place on my bloglist with "amy" added in the beginning! easy to find, thanks :)
    <3 <3 <3



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