Snow day.

What an unexpected surprise. Another snow day. We've had tons of fun...

The creek~

The first steps out our front door~

Backyard sledding fun~

Lots of snow on our back deck~

Joining the fun~
(he helped Daddy shovel the drive.)

Quiet and peaceful bird watching~

My snowman in the backyard~

(I've been on a white chicken chili kick.)

Hubs and our middle son piled the driveway snow to the top of the dining room window~



Last night as we put the kids to bed at 9 we had just received the call
 school would be on a 2 hour delay.
Of course the kids were hoping for a snow day especially as we haven't had one this year.
I couldn't believe we might really get enough snow 
to have school cancelled...
30 minutes later the phones rang and school was closed.
Thankfully, the 2 youngest were already asleep
(as well as our oldest who is sick with a fever; day 2)
but our middle son ran to our room hoping with every step
that that was the phone call for no school.
Hubs whispers to me just before our middle son got to the doorway to our room,
"should I tell him??" I shook my head yes with a smile and as hubs broke
the good news to our middle son he yelled, "YES!!!"
(still in my mind I couldn't believe we could possible get the 6-10 inches's spring after all!)

Girlie and I were the first 2 awake and quickly got our our snow gear. 
Before I had even taken two sips of my coffee we were outside.
We got a lot of snow.
I'm thankful. Girlie got her snow day.
(the boys loved it too!)


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