Snow day~

Even though it's March and I really am ready for spring I couldn't let this snow day go by without getting some pictures... 
I could look at snow pictures all day.
 From the moment I woke I knew we had gotten the predicted snow as it was 
brighter than usual in our bedroom from all the white outside.
 It's gorgeous! The view #rightoutsideourbedroomwindow 
(as I affectionately tag it on Instagram) pulled me right out of bed. 
 To the coffee I headed when I stopped in my tracks as I realized the door to the house from the garage had been left open (probably) all night. Brrr. It was so cold. I was thankful for heat, did a quick peek at girlie who was still fast asleep, wished for my slippers but I was still too fuzzy in my mind to remember where they were...

With enough snow to sled on I really wanted a snow day for the kids. 
However, the kids had a two hour delay and instead of sledding we were able to 
slowly get ready for school. 
 Slowly getting ready included eating breakfast in the kitchen instead of in the car
 for the three youngest; rice chex today. 
Our oldest had a peanut butter pancake sandwich in the car with milk.
 Driving to school wasn't a bad as it could be on a 'snow day' and 
we made it in record time; 34 minutes! Two hour delays aren't so bad...
 I have plans to pick up our middle son from school along with his friend 
that couldn't make it to the birthday party because he was sick. 
The boys are excited to jump at sky zone together 
and I'm excited to have some time to chat with his mom.
 Thankful for Nana who is going to watch the two littles.
And thankful for this beautiful day.
happy snow day dance courtesy of the mister bright and early this morn.


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