Our week in review~

The week went so-ooo quick. From a no school Monday with over 8 inches of snow to play in to our oldest son's 16th birthday mid-week and ending school early with a half day for Good Friday... Our week in cell phone pictures:

 Hibachi out Friday eve; GREAT report cards celebration!!
(straight A's for first grade girlie 3rd time in a row, all A's ONE B for our oldest with a 98% in Geometry!, and all A's 2 B's for our middle son.)

 Early morning reading for hubs and I Saturday morning with my finally
asking hubs to stop interrupting my reading with his (fox) news briefings... ;)
(I started and finished that book while I had a sickie home all weekend; our oldest)

A little open gym time just our middle son and I.
(while girlie was at her birthday party.)
We played a game of one on one
and around the world; he beat me in both games
 although they were very close.
(I think that surprised him!)

 First grade friends; girlie celebrating with her friend at a bowling birthday party.

 First sledding trail in the backyard made by girlie; she was pretty excited!!

Lightly falling snow flakes fell all day as we played in the snow on Monday 
and it reminded us of our Utah/Colorado trip.

Smiley snow covered mister and a happy snow man that the kids desperately 
wanted to crash into while sledding after I made it.

A very happy 16th to our oldest. 
(his happy birthday post here.)
(he only received money and or gift cards to which girlie stated, "you must be an old man.")

And a Happy Good Friday!!
After the 2 middle kids went to Easter chapel we went to lunch then home to play 
for a bit followed by a movie; The Croods while Hubs and our oldest 
went to an adult movie. ;)

We are so excited for Nana/Papaw's Easter Party this weekend...
Happy Easter weekend!


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  1. I just love your recaps! I had to laugh about you reading the book because Ron always interrupts me when I'm reading. Glad you guys got a snow day :)



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