Our week in review~

This week looking back through my cell phone pictures I'm reminded again how quickly these days go especially as the kids are older and more involved. I've signed our middle son up for baseball, our girlie for softball and our oldest is continuing in lacrosse for his spring sport. That leaves the mister who thought he really would like to play soccer but I'm going to have him work on his swimming lessons instead. He could do fall soccer sign ups... I just needed a little give in the evening spring schedule. :) Finding what 'works' for us as a family and balancing it with the kids and their desires is always on my momma heart and mind. Our week~
On Friday hubs had made arrangements for me to pick up a new to us lacrosse goal for our oldest that a friend hubs works with offered us. As I met the dad who was giving it to us he shook my hand and said to use it and then hand it on to someone else that would want it when we are done. Generous people are awesome. :))
 A weekend run for me. Not for Hershey. I couldn't find his leash and then remembered I had left it at my moms... Next time, Hershey.
Our middle son LOVES Tim Hawkins and watches his (hilarious) videos on the web. A lot. So when he heard that Tim Hawkins was coming to a local church he pulled up the tickets online and then asked if we could get some. It was fun taking he and his friend from school that he sits next to on the bus.
 Monday I surprised the 3 youngest with a trip to the indoor pool after school while our oldest had a later than usual lacrosse practice. They had fun especially as it had be a couple months since we had been there. The mister is really keeping up with the big kids as he swims. (exclusively without floaties now!)
 Figure skating for girlie this week involved a lot of spins. Her instructor is a stickler. Girlie likes that.
My banker loves to sort the money each time we play Life which is every day lately...
Hubs and our middle son helping girlie with a first grade math problem that I couldn't figure out!!
Outside our backdoor... I sure would like the trees to start budding and the grass to green up... The blue heron have started to make their way back so I know that will be just right around the corner. (do you see the blue heron skimming the water??)

And last night another pool evening as our oldest was at lacrosse practice; the pool is definitely helping with our spring fever. (it was 19 degrees when we woke this morning.)

We have a couple of lacrosse games this weekend, softball clinic for girlie, report cards filled with good grades to celebrate and a little bit of birthday shopping for our oldest who turns 16 on Wednesday...

I'm still working on getting the blog posts I've missed over the past few months posted to the blog. Today? It's a look back at our ski trip to Breckenridge. It's found here :))

Have a good weekend.


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  1. generous people are awesome (I put you in this group, I can just tell.....)
    Tim Hawkins is HILARIOUS, did you love the show?!
    1st grade math can be some tough stuff, no joke :)
    <3 <3 <3



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