Our week in review~

Here we are at another Friday!! [I use to do InstaFriday recapping my week mostly through Instagram photo's. Sooo many people are on Instagram now; it's fun! So I keep the Instagram on Instagram with that leaving some cell phone pics for the blog. ;)]  Let's see our week through my cell phone pics~

Starting with Saturday's sunrise;
I am almost always {now} the first and only one up for a bit of time
and I enjoy most all Saturday mornings starting slowly.

Pancakes on Sunday for lunch with everyone still in their jammies
and a bit behind as it's day light savings time today...and we have a sick girlie.

Girlie spent a lot of her time this week on the couch with the Ipad.
 I think she and I have watched every single episode of Good Luck Charlie now. ;)

By the third sick day I was a bit stir crazy and sad to be missing our oldest sons lacrosse game.
I stepped outside and walked down to the water for a tiny moment of me time.
 The clouds were gorgeous all day Tuesday~

While quizzing our middle son for a test hubs called home to see how we were all doing.
I let him know and told him I was in the middle of quizzing for a History test.
I got off the phone and our middle son said with a sly grin, "Mom. It's a SCIENCE test..."

I made cookies... They were gone by the time our oldest got home.
He was a tad disappointed I think. I'll make more.

The birds are all singing like spring is just around the corner and I'm loving it!

And today. Our middle son has a 5th grade beach day at school.

Have a good weekend!!


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