Our week in review~

It's Friday!! Time to look at the week through the lens of my cell phone...

 Last Friday; FIFA soccer while we wait on the last lacrosse sleep over boy to make it. (he was lost.)
 Me, girlie and Nana bundled up and still freezing at our oldest ones early 
Saturday morn. lascrosse game.
Girlies hair in a fishtail done by our oldest sons girlfriend before girlie heads 
out to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear.
(she made a bunny. cute!)
 Sunday eve another Happpy Birrrrthdaaaaay to you for our middle son!! 
(second weekend in a row because Papaw was sick last weekend for the real deal. As we sat to dinner the littlest mister was sure to let Nana and Papaw know his brother was still just eleven; not twelve.)
 Make a wish and blow middle mister 
before little brother and sister do it!!!
Crunch time for a book report...
 Girlies interpretation of Sunday's sermon; loving your enemies.
 Glasses!! (I made them with wikki sticks.)
 I updated my Ipad... Some how LOTS of new games appeared. To say the littles were excited when they found out was an understatement!! (I still won't let them put mind craft on the Ipad...)
God's faithfulness is on display every single day.
(truth. Lamentations 3:23)
~before our little snow storm came~
 I brought mister and the Ipad with me to run on the treadmill for the first time this week...
He did great!
And a snowy back yard to sled in yesterday.

Have a good weekend!!


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