Our February~

It's the end of another month that went so fast! Our moments captured (on the cell phone) in no particular order...
The month of love was spent having a few extra treats here and there...
AND it's hard not to stop at the cupcake shop when it's just around the corner from figure skating!

Seeing parked State Trooper cars is like seeing a celebrity to them.
So we stopped for a picture. 
(girls semi state basketball game.)

Sitting in the 'carseat' at Laughing Planet; our oldest said, "I remember doing that when I was younger."

Little reminders written on canisters in the kitchen.

First time to check a book out from the young adult section.

Snow ball making; Boyne.

Valentine shopping with Daddy.

Legos at the library.
Concert night craziness; Imagine Dragons.
(hubs, our oldest his girlfriend, another mom friend with her date
 and A LOT of friends from school where there.)
{best memory from February}

My first meal to make on our new dishes.

Eleven year old birthday boy with his friends at the Sky Zone.

My concert outfit as seen in the mirror at the Murat.

Jammie boy escorting me to the grocery on a slightly snowy morning 
found a great surprise in the parking lot!!

Watching the big snow flakes fall out back while looking out our great room window.

Momma to the rescue... Had to help our middle son glide down the street to the ski lift/run where he would catch up with his daddy and oldest brother; Boyne weekend.

Hubs, our oldest followed by our middle son on the ski run at Boyne.

Hiking along the Monroe Dam.

Took the family to my favorite long standing restaurant for burritos; Bloomington. 

Showing our middle son and our girlie our old house after a dental appointment.
(girlies bedroom was pink as she remembered at the top left with 3 windows 
while the 2 oldest boys shared the bedroom right over the garage.)

I'm almost too tired for March. ;))


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