New Year's Eve; Breckenridge

I like the Instagram tradition of posting a picture or a few on Thursdays with the label #tbt for
Throw-back-Thursdays. It's fun looking back a few months or even a few years.
Today, I'm bringing the #tbt to the blog and taking a look at our 
New Years Eve in Breckenridge this year~

We traveled all day from Utah to Breckenridge to make it in time for New Years. 
We arrived late, settled in and I woke early the next morning to see my favorite sunrise on 
New Years Eve morn...
 I sipped my coffee while watching all of the colors across the sky.
Girlie was the first one awake and was able to see the tail end of the gorgeous sunrise.
Once everyone was up we made plans for the day. 
The guys really wanted to get right out on the slopes to ski the day away 
while the 2 littles had a pool day in mind. 
As the guys set out I got the 2 littles ready to head to the grocery store 
so we could stock up for the week then it was off to the pool~

My 2 littles with their nose in a book as I'm checking out~

We put on our swim suits with our clothes on over and then bundled up and headed 
out to the Gondola to go to the pool.
 I love sitting pool side and watching everyone come down the mountain.
Although I was a little eager to get out on the slopes myself 
it was a great relaxing afternoon by the pool.

We had the pool (and 2 hot tubs) to ourselves. 
The kids love the water features and I love that it's a zero entry going up to 2 feet.
You can't see it in this picture but there is a moose grazing right behind girlie~
 We left the pool and headed back to our room via the gondola
 just as the mountain was closing for the day. There were a lot of people
 coming and going so as the gondola came to our stop we weren't able to quickly maneuver
out and around them. Girlie was excited to ride the gondola to the bottom 
of Breckenridge and back up the mountain. 
After the pool I needed a nap so I could make it for when the clock
 struck midnight so I talked the 2 littles into a little movie time so I could nap!

After nap time ;) and once the guys came back from skiing we picked up pizza 
from our favorite local restaurant in town; Giampietro's. 
Our plans for the evening up until the fireworks downtown at 9 o'clock were loose. 
We were hoping to at least go bowling at the 
private lane or maybe a movie in the movie room at the resort. 
We were SO excited when we checked on reservations at the front desk they had openings for both.

We watched the movie first (while we finished our pizza) and then headed downtown for the fireworks.
Our oldest getting a picture of the city street~
Once downtown (it's only about a 10 minute drive to downtown from our resort on peak 7) 
hubs let our oldest and I out to buy cookies and such at the bakery 
while he drove around trying to find the best viewing spot for the fireworks. 
We texted him once we had all our goodies and we got to our spot just in time...

And I think he found a pretty good one~
We talked about how pretty they were, did our oo-oooing and ahh-ing
then it was back to the resort for bowling.
(and can you believe the littles aren't even batting an eye 
at how late we are staying up even with the time difference!)
 Our middle mister won the whole thing a very close second to Daddy.

While girlie had the best color matching boots for the game! 

 Just as the clock struck midnight I set my phone down, 
turned on the camera timer and there we all were.
Happy New Year!! 
It was excitement and a little bit of post midnight craziness after that...
My kids are VERY literal. (the door must remain closed at all times by order of the fire marshal)
Streamers in the room (poppers) and the night mountain view out the window~
So fun. Great memories.
It makes me kinda want to go back for Spring Break. 


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