Happy Spring.

It's hard to believe that winter is indeed over especially as the weather is so cold today. 
The kids and I talked on the way to school this morning how just last year 
we had a record high the day before this first day of spring of 82 degrees. 
We were in the thirties yesterday and today...
I snapped a quick kinda sideways picture as we were leaving our oldest sons lacrosse game
 (that they won!!) last night. It was so cold. I was carrying the blankets
we were bundled up in and had a hat on that my mom had brought extra for me. 
Our middle son and hubs had come straight from the office
so they weren't quite as prepared for the coldness. 
Thankfully, again Nana had brought a hat for our middle son. 
As I ordered the (shoe less but still in his hockey pants) mister some cocoa 
from the concession stand to help keep him warm he said, 
"mom, why didn't you order it kid temperature??!?"

My boy. I love him.

It's spring. I'm starting a pot of this White Chicken Chili to warm us up tonight. ;))
My boy, 25, making a goal at his game last week.


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