Happy 16th!

I can't believe our oldest is sixteen. I was sad the day before his birthday and pulled his baby book out to reminisce.

On the car ride to school I started to remind him of his birthday and he stopped me short saying, "mom, you tell me this every year..." I surprised him this time and added some thoughts and memories he didn't know...

From the baby book; our oldest sons 2nd birthday~
On the morning of your birth I had a friend, my hairdresser, who was due the exact same day as I was. We had each labored all night at the same hospital and the first thing I did when the early morning came (about 6 a.m.) and while daddy was still asleep in the hospital room on the cot I walked to her room to see how she was doing. When I went in I was surprised and a bit jealous that she was holding her new baby girl and I still wasn't progressing very well. (even a week late.) At 9 a.m. when the Dr. came to check on me he started pitocin to see if that would speed my labor along. I labored until about noon, hungry because I hadn't eaten since about 7 p.m. from the night before (a steak burger from Steak-n-Shake was my last meal!) and I got to watch daddy eat Taco Bell for his lunch! Can you believe daddy ate Taco Bell???!! After daddy was done eating I asked him to take me home. I was worn out from laboring and convinced you weren't coming. ;)

The photo I posted to IG the morn of our oldest sons 16th~
(posted with permission...;))
We drove on to school and I took the kids all the way to school instead of having them ride the bus for a little birthday treat. We made plans for the evening for me to pick up our oldest at 5:30 from lacrosse and then a birthday dinner at our house with Nana/Papaw joining us while we would eat one of his favorite take out dinners; Shapiro's corned beef and swiss on rye. I asked our oldest if he wanted to go out for lunch and he really had a lot of make up tests and so forth from having missed school the day before with a fever/virus. I showed him the picture I was going to post to IG and got his approval. Then as soon as I got home I ordered a bouquet of balloons to be delivered to his locker at school. I was hoping he would bring them home and as I picked him up from lacrosse the first thing I asked was did you get the balloons?? And where are they?? He and his friends sucked the helium out of them in the locker room before lacrosse practice...

Just before everyone sat down to eat I got a picture of the table and cake and thought how thankful I am that hubs making it home on time for dinner is getting more and more frequent; although sick patients can happen at any time our birthday dinner wasn't one of those times this evening.

The Chocolate Cake

He didn't have much competition in blowing out his candles; just the mister. Nana made sure to hold him back and he had plenty of 'wind' to get them out on the first blow.

Cell phone pic at the end of the party~
It was a happy birthday party for our favorite favorite favorite 16 year old. He's been a joy to raise and I'm so thankful for these years. He's such a blessing and a gift who's love and life touches those he is around.


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