Easter in Chicago; 2013

Two weeks before Spring Break we had nothing booked. We had said maybe this year we would do a 'stay-cation' but when it really came down to it we wanted to go somewhere. It's important to us to get away. As a family we really really look forward to our times together on vacation unplugged from our daily routines and just life. So with two weeks left when hubs asked if I had booked anything yet, I gave him my latest itinerary and he said to book it! I stayed up late one Friday eve after a lacrosse game and had it book by just after midnight. A California adventure awaited us...

Our flight was booked to leave Chicago Sunday (Easter) morning at 6 a.m. However, we had a bit of flight drama. (surprised?!) We sat on the plane for an hour buckled up and super excited watching the in flight t.v. and just as I prayed the plane would lift off without any problems the captain announced the plane would be grounded for a mechanical error. As we got off of the plane a bit disappointed we decided to act quick and instead of standing in the lo-ong line to rebook hubs and I each called the airline separately to book a new flight. The attendant I was connected to found a flight for all 6 of us at 6:45 that evening arriving in CA at 11 p.m. (2 a.m. our time.) We took it without hesitation and made plans to spend the day in Chicago~

(we changed in to our Easter attire in the car at the airport garage...
our oldest promptly changed into his 'travel' outfit as soon as the service was over!)

The mister slept on my lap the entire Easter service and half way to the car.
(we had all been up since 3 a.m.)

After putting in our GPS the closest place for brunch we arrived just a few minutes from Moody at a tasty restaurant called Brunch. Even though we had had breakfast at Pot Belly's that morning the kids were really hungry. (I think the more tired you are the more hungry you are.) We let the kids pick a danish or donut for an appetizer while we waited about 30 min. for our lunch table. ;)

 There is something about running down city streets...
After lunch we headed to The Sears tower. (now called the Willis tower.)

 On the ledge; Skydeck Chicago.

 The Easter bunny waving to the kids as they are on the opposite ledge at the Skydeck.

 Dancing in the aisle; in full spring break mode now.

 Our family Easter 2013

And we made it to the airport with just enough time to make our flight.
 Up up and away!!

Girlie showing her excitement that we are finally in the air.
(we were all feeling the same!)



  1. Spontaneous and fun! And sounds like a wonderful memorable trip! I've always wanted to try the sky deck but it does look scary! Love Mary Ella's pants! ;-)

  2. What an adventure! That bunny looks a little creepy :) Love my girl's squishy nose :)

  3. how unexpectantly fun! LOVE chicago and moody church of course :) great family pic--FRAMEABLE



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