Beside the kitchen sink.

 It's a gorgeous sunny day and girlie is going on day two of a sickness... Fever and a cough coupled with an outrageous appetite. Today's requests: cheddar broccoli soup and creamy potato soup. I started making the cheddar broccoli and it was girlies idea for us to add the potatoes to that soup. So we did. And when we tasted it was so-ooo scrumptious girlie decided we needed to call Nana to offer her a bowl. We packed the soup in a Rubbermaid bowl and walked it down to Nana. Nana said it hit the spot.
 We headed home to make the cookies. Girlie washed her hands in preparation to help and then really just had the energy to stand beside me and watch me make the cookies. She held on to the recipe I have framed from Great Gma (GiGi) and proudly proclaimed, "we are making a family recipe!"
 The mister was a little impatient waiting for the bowl to scape clean.
 All but the last batch turned out perfect.
And right now, beside my kitchen sink.

(I'm loving having girlie home.)


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