Today in the kitchen~

Tomorrow girlie has her 100th day of school. It's a big celebration! To help celebrate I made some cupcakes for her class to enjoy tomorrow...
 First things first. I lit my new favorite candle. I bought it for the boys bathroom. 
It has only seen their counter once. ;)
 Then I asked my favorite 5 year old mister to be my helper. 
He loves the mixing but could hardly wait for the licking
the beaters part!
 We put them in the oven.
(another one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year from the children hanging 
on the oven door. Have I already shown you that??)
While I was putting all of my attention into frosting them (and IG-ing the moment) the mister quickly ate FOUR of them. I did a quick count. I needed 20. Thankfully I had 20.
He worked up an appetite helping his Momma!
And then we took them to school at the end of the day to leave as a surprise...


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