The first of February~

It's Friday and it's the first of February.... January. I liked you. So lets take a look back at the pics I captured on my cell phone.
In no particular order our January:

Girlie and our middle son sledding on the frozen creek behind our house.
Girlie called this, "the sledding roller coaster ride" 
and she pulled the boys while she ice skated across the ice.

Our Texas cousin came for a visit and we enjoyed treating them to snowy winter fun complete with teaching the 6 year old how to ice skate (upper right) and pounding the older one with snow balls. 
(all in good fun!)

Our 'Happy New Year' was spent on a Ski Holiday in Breckenridge, Colorado.
The day after New Year the littlest 2 and I spent riding the Gondola and Swimming while hubs and the older 2 boys did skiing. (the littles and I needed a rest then we hit the slopes the rest of the week.)

While in Breckenridge I spent a morning skiing with our oldest. He took it easy on me ;)
and we stayed on Blues. The mountain behind us that he's looking at he conquered in the afternoon; twice. It was his first time to do a double black diamond. I was a tiny bit nervous. He would text me along the way... When he got to the top of the mountain, (13,000 elevation!) once he was 1/2 way down and then at the end of the run. 

Our middle son patiently waiting on me to get all geared up before we spent an 
afternoon skiing together. (I love to do one on one time on the mountain.)
He was impressed I could stay up with him.

Looking handsome as ever and with his lovely date, our oldest had winter formal.
I always get a little sad the day before the formal...
It's another year gone by. Two more and HS is over.

There really is nothing like being on top of the mountains.

Hubs pulling our littlest and walking with our middle son. We had started across the water to go through the woods to Nana and Papaw's house. Once we got to the woods I called before we journeyed in. They weren't home so we turned back.

The littles ice skating behind our house.

Fun fun January. 
Here's to a fun memory making February!


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