Our week in review~

Looking at the cell phone pictures:

Friday road trip, Freshies Big Boy stop; our kids first time. They liked it!

 Saturday sledding for the littles and I.

 Saturday Skiing for the guys.

Sunday morning fresh corduroy on the slopes for the happy mister, our oldest and I while
the rest of the family made it out to ski by 10ish...
We had a great family ski day!!

Our last hurrah at Boyne Mt.
The kids and I had a late night snack at the Eagles Nest on the top of the mountain Sunday night.
Cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa, shredded pork bar-b-q sandwiches and a warm fire.
(hubs did about 8 trail runs he said while we were snacking.)

Monday, home to 59 degrees and some great outside playtime!

Tuesday eve at the ice rink girlie and the big mister played a game of table hockey
with a friend from hockey class.

The winter mantle.
Wednesday, our mostly stay at home day, I did a little planning of our spring mantle.

Lunch out with long time {favorite} friends at Bravo Thursday.

 Three excited boys in my room/bed last night nearing 10 p.m. and waiting waiting waiting for our school notification of a 2 hour delay because everyone else is on a 2 hour delay. It came and within minutes the mister was sound asleep beside me!

And look who woke beside me this morn and is watching his cartoons in my bed...

Happy Friday!!


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