Our week in review~

It's Friday!! It's that time to take a look back at the cell phone pictures from this week. Quick and easy snapshots of our life...

Friday night, girlie came home with her Valentine List for her classmates at school.
She didn't waste any time getting her box made and decorated then
the Valentines ready.

Sunday afternoon, Passport photos! 
We're getting really too close to Spring Break to think that a trip out of the country might actually
happen but we are giving it a shot!
Our friends and neighbors invited us to Aruba; fingers crossed our passports make it in time... 
I'm not getting my hopes up. And the back up plan is a stay-cation that the kids unanimously agreed on.

Monday moon as I was heading into The Home Depot for a gallon of paint for the boys new laundry/linen closet. It's finished and WE LOVE it. Our middle son (10) has done a load of laundry every evening as soon as he walks in the door. On his own. A momma's dream.

Figure Skating girlie working on her forward glide with right leg lift holding to the count of three with her mitten balanced on her head. 

And there is the 5 year old mister at hockey practice. He was put on the 'big boy' team this week and was happy the teams tied.
(they play their game at the tail end of practice each week.)

The 3 youngest and I did dinner out (Noodles) after skating/hockey practice as hubs had a late business dinner out that evening while our oldest was at the girls basketball game.

The 2 littles (playing 'store' in this pic) earned 4 quarters each from daddy for cleaning up the basement.
(notice how they just put everything off the floor and onto the cabinet. I'm not complaining.)

Yesterday (and today) girlie stayed home sick with a cough and fever.
While she was resting in bed I did a new furniture arrangement in the Great Room.
When hubs came home he said, "nice, this must be the Spring arrangement."

I finished a stack of invitations last night for our middle son to take to school today to hand out for his 
eleventh birthday party!
He wanted a sky zone (indoor trampoline) party again just like last year.
It's in 2 weeks. So fun.

I won't be moving furniture.
It's a school day at home for girlie because other than waking at 4 a.m. with a bloody nose
she's feeling good enough to do make up work. I'm hoping for a nap too.

How was your week?


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  1. Love the little peek into your week! Glad your girlie is feeling better and I adore the Spring arrangement.



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