Our (Valentine) love~

 In girlies, 'you are loved' room.

 The boys, 'be my valentine' room.

The teen, 'love you because' room.

Really our Valentines' started on the Friday before Valentine's
 as I brought home a sweetheart coffee cake
for the weekend and some heart topped tea cakes...

{I kinda like the holiday celebrating love.}
And with Valentine's Day falling on a Thursday with the day after a no school day for the kids
we felt like we could celebrate a little more.
Here are the memories:

Monday was the last day I could order balloons for the kids and have them delivered at school.
So that was first on my priority.
Two of the balloons girlie wanted were out of stock so I did the back of plans.
She was thrilled with my choices but also questioned why her choices weren't made.
Our middle son thought maybe (again) his were from his teacher until I had him read the card in the car.
And our oldest was disappointed he didn't get balloons this year.
(I reminded him he didn't want any last year as a Freshman so I thought that carried over to his sophomore year... he says we need to communicate better! ;))

Hubs and I went out to celebrate at a fancy restaurant early on Monday eve as we knew the rest
of his work week was FULL. I really liked celebrating early~

The candy was bought for hubs and the kids as I ran to the store to pick up the coffee we were out of early one morning this week. I wondered if I was out or close to out of anything else but in the wee hour of the morning couldn't remember anything...
(hubs let me know later that night we were down to two rolls of tp for the entire house...)

The kids all did their final preparations on their store bought
(clearance from last year) Valentines for their classmates with taping
candy to them Wednesday eve and we found out the kids had nearly eatin all of the cherry bubble gum filled suckers. (we were down to 9 and girlie needed 19... whoops.)
 They were so excited to hand them out the next day they had a hard time falling asleep that night.

Which brings us to Thursday.
The day of love.
We have a routine of getting up and out the door in 15 minutes each early school morning so the kids and I each said our
quick, "Happy Valentines Day!!"
I told the two having class parties, "I won't be at school for any of your parties..."
as they left the car to get on the bus and (they said) they were fine with that.
I made the flower stop for our oldest then headed home to do the
daily dishes, laundry and pick up a bit...
Leading me to an idea to adding a bit of love to the kids rooms.
I think they liked it.

After school, as the kids entered the car with their balloon bouquets
our littlest wanted a ballon so we made a stop at the grocer where he picked out a spider man mylar balloon because he really wanted one that could "float and stay floating."

And our oldest had his first 'alone' date with his girlfriend at Buca's while hubs and I took girlie shopping, her Valentine wish come true. ;))
(our oldest and his girlfriend; I swiped this adorable pic from his IG feed.)

Such a fun memorable week.
Happy Valentines Day!!


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  1. HI AMY! I absolutely love this. I love all the family fun, and the sweet rooms of love. I love that you guys "keep it real" and I love the "early date" for valentines. Sweet memories!!
    <3 <3 <3



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