Our backyard~

Off and on it's been raining for 2 days. The weather man keeps saying it might be freezing rain or that it could come as snow but so far it's just rain. The animals have started to show themselves more and more like spring is just around the corner...
Our mister has asked a number of times now, is it spring yet?? His best statement recently? Dad? How about we go on another ski trip for spring break?? His daddy pauses while thinking and then answers him, that sounds like it might be a good idea. To that the mister replies with a bit of a grin, kids have great ideas!
I've yet to book anything and all of our passports are here. We still may stay home and then again we might not...
We have so much we can do right here in our own backyard! However, there is something about getting away~

Our backyard.


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  1. Oh I love all the visitors in your backyard! So pretty! We have plans for the Smoky Mts on spring break...but like your little mister, Dan and the kids are itching to ski one last time! We'll see! Sometimes having no plans turn into the most memorable! ;-)



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