Look who is Eleven!!

Our middle son~
He had to hear the birth stories all weekend long...
How he was born on a Sunday coming
 3 weeks early.
We knew he was a boy and that he was born after a long many weeks of bed rest for his momma!
He didn't exactly like the morning of his birth and Nana reminded him he cried and cried.
He hated the paci and would spit it out when offered.
But he loved his Daddy's arms and that is where he stayed for most of his first week...

Then as the weekend came to a tail end we celebrated his eleventh year~

So fun celebrating his birthday just as he wanted bouncing the afternoon away with brothers and sister; friends from his homeroom class, his math class, and a friend that he sits next to on the bus.

It was a 'no gifts please' kind of party with lots of cards and a few with a Hershey bar attached!
One friend couldn't make it because he was sick and I promised a date this week or next for the 2 boys to get together to have a sky zone date of their own~

Nana and Papaw were home with Papaw recovering from a tough fever/cold so we will plan a little party to celebrate with them hopefully this Sunday afternoon. :)

A happy happy birthday for the sweetest eleven year old I know.



  1. Happy birthday Dawson!! What a great celebration. I love hearing the flashback stories :)

  2. Happy Birthday Dawson! Time goes by so quickly the older you get. Your old Aunt Donna can hardly believe you are 11! The next thing I know you'll be driving!!!!

    Love you very much!
    Aunt Donna



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