First Grade Grandparents Day/Patriotic Program

What a fun day for first grade girlie.
I arrived in her classroom at 11 and had lunch as her 'special friend' while
the big mister sat in the aide office playing checkers with an aide.
While we ate there were a few questions we had to ask each other.
Girlies questions and answers:
Her favorite subject. 
(she leaned in to me and whispered, "what's a subject?")
Her favorite Recess activity.
Playing on the metal barn; monkey bars type thing with Catherine.
Going to 'Specials' are her favorite part of the day.
The best lunch in the cafeteria is Spaghetti.
AND if she has alone time with me her favorite thing to do is

After we ate together the kids sang as a class to all the special friends and then it was off to the gym to perform as a whole first grade.

Such cute songs and motions were done.

And when it was all over girlie got dismissed early and we met daddy for lunch.


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