Boyne Mountain, Michigan

WE love to ski. It's true. If we could drive west and be there in 6 hours we would go there. However, we live in the midwest and we only had a four day weekend so we packed up the car and the kids heading North 6 hours to Boyne. It was just what we needed to get our skiing in one last time before winter is over.
It was gorgeous out each day with fluttering snowflakes off and on throughout the days and in to the nights. The crowds were manageable. And the best part was being able to finally ski together as a family doing any run we felt like. We even managed Idiots Delight. (I wasn't so delighted however, we made it down.) The mister thought he needed to spend much of his time in and out of the trees, again. 
He mostly would follow his sister in or his oldest brother and after he had followed his sister enough  she nicknamed him her trail buddy. The kids spent time perfecting their silliness on the slopes also...
our middle son spraying me with snow
It was our middle son who decided it would be fun to try to spray me with snow and he succeeded.
I was impressed again with the ease that our oldest can ski. He makes it look easy. Naturally being the oldest he's the leader and the kids really look up to him. Especially as he is on the slopes. I'm so thankful he is responsible, helpful and a great teacher. I think about him helping our littlest as he was in skis for the first time last year in Boyne. I know our littlest can ski so well now because of our oldest sons gentle way of helping him...
My five favorite memories from this trip:
~an unplanned sledding adventure all day with our 2 youngest (I got sunburned!)
~night skiing
~going down our first black diamond together as a family (McLouth)
~forgetting the 2 youngest boys ski pants and finding new (better) ones for 30% off
~girlie packing her Bible and getting it out at bed time so we could still do our 'girlie' time


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